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New - Version - Added Presets for deconvolution; new Micro Contrast adjustment. For complete list, see what's new [July 5th, 2014]
New - Version - Find out what's new in this release. [April 1st, 2014]
New - Smart Deconvolution - A new deconvolution method that is fast, powerful and easy to use for sharpening and deblurring. [April 1st, 2014]
Remove Motion Blur
Using the advanced Astra Image deconvolution tools, you can remove motion blur from your images.
Remove Out-of-Focus Blur
Astra Image can help you to correct out-of-focus images using deconvolution quickly and easily.
Remove Noise
The Astra Image denoising tools can remove luminance and chrominance noise while preserving image details to keep your images looking sharp.
With deconvolution, wavelet sharpening, unsharp masking and convolution filters you can easily bring out hidden details.
Astra Image Deconvolution Studio
Astra Image 4.0 Deconvolution Studio is a great way to get started in advanced image processing. Easy-to-use and powerful, Astra Image gives you state-of-the art deconvolution and sharpening functions at an affordable price. Learn more...

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Astra Image Deconvolution Studio Plus
Astra Image 4.0 Deconvolution Studio PLUS gives you more features and more power. With a full range of advanced deconvolution, sharpening and denoising functions, you can make good images into great images quickly and easily. Learn more...

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